In SEKSTANTIA internal movements of a journey and frequently changing conditions, spread out in the unfamiliar and unknown sphere, through longing after the far horizon.

Motion claims re-tuning and redirecting, renews itself from day to day, in every moment, respectively relating to movements, flows, waves and wind gusts.

The rhythms and passages between the works are also movements between light assemblage and darkness, shadows and formed images, between the limited sphere and it’s unlimited possibility to spread out .

The works are installed in an old non-functional passage in the port\harbor storage spaces of Haifa. With rough textured, naked, abandoned-presence spaces, the installation sketches a multi- dimensional associative sphere that functions as an unaware harbor-city, awakening the senses, creating temporary coincidental intersections and reviving imaginary voyage stories.

An open wanderer motion.

*SEXTANT – a doubly reflecting navigation instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects.

**SEKSTANTIA – suggests a thought of inversion. Borrows and echos the navigation instrument’s idea while deconstruct and disassemble its parts.

Penny Hess Yasour